Ross Abelow Raises Funds for Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow promotes a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for New York City Animal Shelters. There has been a surge in the number of animals requiring care, especially during the cold winter months. The funds raised are used to provide medical care, food and blankets. Many of the shelters claim they need extra space and extra funds to care for the animals. The additional funds will serve to help shelter additional suffering animals.

Ross decided to get involved in the campaign as part of his involvement in the New York Community. He is a partner in the firm, Abelow & Cassandro. His specialties include family law, entertainment law and commercial law. He also writes his own legal blog. He makes posts on Facebook and Mashable as well.

Abelow has helped many entertainers who live and work in New York. His expertise covers contract negotiations and the handling of intellectual property. He has helped many well-known clients reach successful decisions. He also handles divorce law with a lot of care and understanding. His experience with these cases has taught him to use a light touch in negotiations for the best results. Ross is able to deal in different areas of law and has developed a good reputation in the legal field. He works to set himself apart as a versatile lawyer, with good results. Ross appreciates a good challenge and has a record that shows he is able to overcome difficult obstacles.

Ross Abelow has many years’ experience in the legal industry. He is open to talking with potential clients about their specific issues. He will let each individual know if he can help them with their problem. He graduated from Brooklyn Law School and is fully licensed to practice law in the state of New York. Ross has developed a loyal following with his approach to the business. He is dedicated to positive outcomes and strives to reach the absolute best results for all clients. He uses his versatility to find winning solutions to individual problems. He has worked very hard to earn the respect of his fellow lawyers as well as his clients.

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