Mike Paul: New Adviser for Online Reputation Company

Status Labs is an organization that is based in Texas, Austin and is an online reputation management firm. Status lab has rules that will enable you to mend up your public relations as well as your reputation online if you have had an instance where your reputation has been compromised. The rules that Status Labs has have made it one of the best online reputation management that has ever been in operation. Image management as well as public relations in the status lab company have been evolving over the times to offer quality and timely solutions to customers which no other online reputation management has ever had.

Status Labs has been on the forefront to provide clients with strategies to relay communications as well as the media relations that are geared towards helping their highly esteemed clients communicate with the stakeholders. The status lab public relations professionals have very deep and concise relationships with the journalism body as well as most bloggers in the industry. This company has also helped many clients in the engagement of industries audiences and also compelling content in order to give a creation of emotions in preferences experiences that drive sales and participation.

PRNewswire has had to record in second February in New York that has a recognition to the online and digital reputation management company has an announcement that they have decided to add to their board of advisor another new advisor, Mike Paul, the leader of the reputable company by the name Reputation doctor LLC that is widely known as the doctor of reputation. Paul is designed to add value to the company in terms of adding strategic counsel and insight. That is most needed by status lab.

Status Labs has consistently been growing from its reputation as one of the best PR and reputation management company in terms of crisis management. Darius Fisher is the president as well as the co-founder of Status Labs that bringing on board Paul will proactively enhance the company in moving into the success scales.