Acknowledging the Many Interests of Jon Urbana, Businessman and Economist

Finding a successful businessman who is also interested in the environment and other community-oriented issues is difficult. Typically, businessmen remain focused in the area of finances and investments or they stay in the finance department of varied organisations, but Jon Urbana does not fit in that category. Jon has a successful business career, but is passionate and diverse in a wide spectrum of other areas, and many of those areas involve reaching out to others.

Jon Urbana graduated from Villanova University in 2005 with a degree in Economics. Economics is the social science that oversees and regulates production, distribution and the use of goods and services. Mr Urbana’s strengths lie in leading projects that he is interested in.

Economics allows Jon Urbana the flexibility to help people and to hold positions where he is most effective. His career fits his outgoing personality because he is free to operate in the economics of any area he chooses to become involved in.

Jon cares about people and enjoys helping people whenever possible. He expresses this in his fundraising for charities often using the feature so the public can get involved. Recently, he has been attracted to Earth Force and Youth at Next Level Lacrosse, which you are welcome to donate to online through GoFundMe or

Jon is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, located outside of Denver. This is an organization that supports teen lacrosse summer camps. The camps meet every year (Vail in 2016), and Jon is a coach of the games. Jon played lacrosse in college, and he believes that the kids learn much more than just how to play the game. They learn discipline, self-esteem, honesty and how to play fairly while following their passion. Mr. Urbana holds a special interest in flying and believes that these morals are important to grasp before going out into the business world.

Mr. Urbana holds leadership positions in video-making at Vimeo, music and photography where he often uses his campers as subjects. Jon’s photography also shows his compassion with animals. He shows his photography online, in videos and at auctions. Photography is a strong and growing interest of his and is getting attention nationwide.