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The telecommunications giant, Coriant first emerged in 2013. The company functions as as optical transport vendor, and utilizes a trifecta of technology conceived in concert via Tellabs, Siemens Optical Networks (NSN ON), and Sycamore Networks. Today, Coriant has evolved alongside the ever-changing developing business world which is now dependent on cloud based tech. The core of Coriant’s history was shaped at the Transmission Technology, also known as Siemens started in Munich, Germany, where technology called Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy or PDH shifted into Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, or SDH. Today, things have further evolved, and many know the technology behind Coriant as OTN or as part of the optical transport network, a regulated body of encapsulation and multiplex hierarchies all collectively kept in check Coriant is currently paving the way, with network operators in over one hundred countries. Their work speaks for itself, and they have earned a place as a dependable base that assists thousands upon thousands of networking organizations around the globe. While one can talk almost endlessly about the innovative benefits behind Coriant’s groundbreaking technology that has been years and the making, and has required prfound talent, it also important to look at the company’s leadership with CEO’s like Shaygan Kheradpir who has continued to push Coriant in a positive direction and as seen it heralded for it’s consistency.

Shaygan Kheradpir is mostly known as the CEO of Coriant. While he grew up on Iran, he was born in London. His father was a successful ear, nose, and throat physician. Later, Shaygan Kheradpir travelled to the United states and attended Cornell, where he got bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering.

In the late eighties, Kheradpir started working at GTE, where he eventually became the chief information officer. In the early aughts, after years of success, Bell Atlantic and GTE joined to become Verizon Communications, and Kheradpir became the CTO in addition to his role as the CIO. As well as Verizon, he is known for his work with Barclay’s and Juniper Networks. Furthermore, he has worked with the NIST and Cornell University’s Engineering Council.

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Darius Fisher Receives A Great Acknowledgement

Darius Fisher runs a very successful company. He is constantly in demand for interviews and public speaking engagements. Fisher was a top speaker at a recent Impact 15 event to discuss the connection between reputation management, the search engines, and branding. The reason he is picked to speak is he maintains a high level of expertise on the subject of reptuation management and, he can convey the importance of the topic to others.

People notice his skills and abilities, which is why Fisher is being acknowledged for his talents. PRWeek, the highly prestigious industry publication, has opted to place Fisher’s name on its Innovation 50 list. The list reflects all those persons who have delivered great innovations in the profession of digital marketing.

Fisher is most definitely innovative. He has taken basic digital marketing principles and applies the principles to the process of improving reputations that has been harmed online. Since so many consumers, colleagues, and even relatives base their perceptions on people via internet search engine results, fixing those results pages is a must. And as Fisher noted at Impact 15, the results don’t go away. Specific work has to be done to improve them. Fisher’s firm, Status Labs, specializes in this exact work. Revenue has increased ten times what it original was when the company was founded in 2012. Indications are the company is going to continue to grow. Darius Fisher’s approach to managing and promoting the company has contributed to these desirable results.

Fisher’s innovations extend to how he promotes Status Labs. After the hack of the Ashley Madison dating website, Fisher offered free crisis counseling to those adversely affected. Status Labs and Fisher both gained a lot of publicity thanks to the idea. Today, Status Labs has offices in Austin, TX (the home base), New York, NY, and San Paulo, Brazil. A lot of clients are contacting Status Labs and Fisher for help.

PRWeek has taken note of Darius Fisher, which is why the company honored him on the Innovation 50 list. The list is not compiled without careful thought. Only those who are truly deserving of being placed on it find their name getting a nod. Fisher has shown he has a great mind for reputation management and digital marketing. PRWeek agrees.

Mike Paul: New Adviser for Online Reputation Company

Status Labs is an organization that is based in Texas, Austin and is an online reputation management firm. Status lab has rules that will enable you to mend up your public relations as well as your reputation online if you have had an instance where your reputation has been compromised. The rules that Status Labs has have made it one of the best online reputation management that has ever been in operation. Image management as well as public relations in the status lab company have been evolving over the times to offer quality and timely solutions to customers which no other online reputation management has ever had.

Status Labs has been on the forefront to provide clients with strategies to relay communications as well as the media relations that are geared towards helping their highly esteemed clients communicate with the stakeholders. The status lab public relations professionals have very deep and concise relationships with the journalism body as well as most bloggers in the industry. This company has also helped many clients in the engagement of industries audiences and also compelling content in order to give a creation of emotions in preferences experiences that drive sales and participation.

PRNewswire has had to record in second February in New York that has a recognition to the online and digital reputation management company has an announcement that they have decided to add to their board of advisor another new advisor, Mike Paul, the leader of the reputable company by the name Reputation doctor LLC that is widely known as the doctor of reputation. Paul is designed to add value to the company in terms of adding strategic counsel and insight. That is most needed by status lab.

Status Labs has consistently been growing from its reputation as one of the best PR and reputation management company in terms of crisis management. Darius Fisher is the president as well as the co-founder of Status Labs that bringing on board Paul will proactively enhance the company in moving into the success scales.

Homejoy Fails While Handy Succeeds

Homejoy has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and the news is nothing shy of outright shocking. Homejoy thought it was tapping into a very popular market. In truth, the startup was getting a foothold in an industry that was poised to experience huge growth: home maintenance and cleaning.

Homejoy was backed by Google Ventures and a host of top investment firms. The company had launched services in several countries. A campy advertising campaign looked to be the perfect one for tapping into the lucrative United States market. Things just didn’t work out that way.

Why? People need such services. Not everyone likes to deal with the chaos of keeping a home clean or dealing with basic maintenance work. The skillsets required to handle such tasks correctly are based on experience. Contacting someone who can actually do the work is the far better plan than stumbling through DIY instructions.

Homejoy simply did not generate enough revenue. The company faced fierce competition from Handy and could not overcome it. Also, Homejoy was hampered by lawsuit threats challenging the independent contractor status of workers. For these reasons and more, Homejoy could not make the dent it needed to be a success story.

The tale of Handy reveals it is one of the top success stories of the many startups that have emerged over the past 20 years. The funding was raised through private investment firms and the money went to establishing a brilliant concept. People in need of home services could take advantage of a Handy app on a smartphone to book a freelancer. Rather than struggling with trying to rely on a local home cleaning service, Handy allows clients to book freelancers who are less costly and capable of providing outstanding service.

Handy ensures the freelancers hired to work for the company do possess the necessary skills to handle various tasks. The screening process to approve a freelancer to be featured on the site is extremely rigorous. The extra steps are intended to ensure only the most highly qualified are allowed to work through Handy. This, in turn, increases the likelihood clients will be thrilled with the results.

And Handy ends up with profits as opposed to losses.

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