Darius Fisher, Preserver of Professionalism

Darius Fisher, a digital crisis expert and also President and co-founder of Status Labs, is a modern day success story. Status Labs is a digital marketing, public relations and online reputation management company that more or less does the exact same thing Kerry Washington’s team in the ABC drama “Scandal” does for a living. Status Labs seeks to prevent damage to internet presence, offering their own type of insurance away from what we would normally define.


Fisher himself seems to be the ultimate fixer, taking Status Labs from nothing and building it from the ground up. The company now contains more than thirty employees and has branches in both São Paulo and New York. While the company is based out of these two major cities it also has clientele from a selection of thirty five different countries worldwide, meaning that Status Labs is a global company whose web encompasses a large portion of the Earth.


Public relations are a main factor in what Status Labs and Darius Fisher are all about, being able to not only work alongside individuals in preserving positive internet profiles but also assisting in modeling successful presence within the realm of reality. Fisher and his company work on polishing the outward appearances of high profile clients such as politicians, executives and public figures.


Fisher is a success because he builds upon the positive achievements of his clients, allowing unfortunate mistakes to be swept away by material that matters. An example of this is when he assisted a businessman who had just gone through a messy divorce. Instead of focusing attention on the divorce Fisher opted to center directly on the businessman had done, such as his personal achievements and interests. By custom tailoring websites and looking towards developing a rich social media presence online, Fisher was able to harness the shining aspects of the man and revealed him to the public as an asset to society as opposed to a pariah.


Darius Fisher and Status Labs offers individuals a second chance at salvaging a damaged professional and personal life, an end product that is quite admirable.

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Darius Fisher Receives A Great Acknowledgement

Darius Fisher runs a very successful company. He is constantly in demand for interviews and public speaking engagements. Fisher was a top speaker at a recent Impact 15 event to discuss the connection between reputation management, the search engines, and branding. The reason he is picked to speak is he maintains a high level of expertise on the subject of reptuation management and, he can convey the importance of the topic to others.

People notice his skills and abilities, which is why Fisher is being acknowledged for his talents. PRWeek, the highly prestigious industry publication, has opted to place Fisher’s name on its Innovation 50 list. The list reflects all those persons who have delivered great innovations in the profession of digital marketing.

Fisher is most definitely innovative. He has taken basic digital marketing principles and applies the principles to the process of improving reputations that has been harmed online. Since so many consumers, colleagues, and even relatives base their perceptions on people via internet search engine results, fixing those results pages is a must. And as Fisher noted at Impact 15, the results don’t go away. Specific work has to be done to improve them. Fisher’s firm, Status Labs, specializes in this exact work. Revenue has increased ten times what it original was when the company was founded in 2012. Indications are the company is going to continue to grow. Darius Fisher’s approach to managing and promoting the company has contributed to these desirable results.

Fisher’s innovations extend to how he promotes Status Labs. After the hack of the Ashley Madison dating website, Fisher offered free crisis counseling to those adversely affected. Status Labs and Fisher both gained a lot of publicity thanks to the idea. Today, Status Labs has offices in Austin, TX (the home base), New York, NY, and San Paulo, Brazil. A lot of clients are contacting Status Labs and Fisher for help.

PRWeek has taken note of Darius Fisher, which is why the company honored him on the Innovation 50 list. The list is not compiled without careful thought. Only those who are truly deserving of being placed on it find their name getting a nod. Fisher has shown he has a great mind for reputation management and digital marketing. PRWeek agrees.