Skout Surveys Students About Their Views On Kindness

There’s nothing better to see than a stranger doing something kind for another stranger. That’s exactly why Skout is promoting the Random Acts Of Kindness Week. The celebration has been set to happen each year in mid February, the 15th to the 20th. It’s a great time to start acting kindly towards your neighbors and other members of your community. However, it is just a suggested time, so you can do some fantastic random acts of kindness at any time during the year that you feel an impulse to share this side of yourself with others. Together, Skout, every participant in the celebrated week and communities all over the world are embracing the positive nature of this event.

Skout, in case you didn’t already know about them, is a social media and online dating website that can be accessed by mobile devices for free. The site promotes friendship, online friendship and romantic relations. It is an easy way to meet other people around the world, and it is also helpful if you are traveling and need to make new friends where you are going when you visit new places around the world. Skout is available in 180 different countries, so it is truly bringing the world closer together.

The website Uloop has recently published a write up about Skout’s survey. In the article from Uloop, the writer mentions a few different statistics that Skout has accumulated during their research phases. They have been surveying 2,700 of their users. They found that college students are 51 percent likely to do a random act of kindness every day. Also, 93 percent of college students have already done a random act of kindness. Could this mean that the nature of youth and friendship is strongly intertwined?

The article goes on to list the random acts of kindness that survey participants felt most strongly about. Buying a cup of coffee or paying for fast food is at the top of that list. Sending a thank you text at random to show appreciation to a friend is the next on the list. Third on that list is giving a hug to a friend at random. It’s really amazing how these random acts of kindness can spin people’s days around if they are having a bad day. You can make their lives better with your words or actions. To read the original article, go here.

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