Securus Technologies Releases New Code To Improve Its Systems

Securus Technologies, which is one of the world’s leading providers of technology, gadgets, software and monitoring devices to law enforcement agencies, has just announced that they have released a code update for its gadgets and programs. Its first code release of 2016 will make significant updates and upgrades for its devices and programs. The newly revised code is expected to make criminal justice technology easier to use for those on the front line in law enforcement. It is also expected to increase the ease of use in support staff who are found in the back lines of law enforcement.

Securus Technologies’ newest code release can be thought of as a patch to fix computer software. It will increase performance and reliability of current Securus programs in place at law enforcement agencies. The code also aims to make existing programs and inmate communication technologies easier to use by police officers, paramedics and other civil and law enforcement agencies.

Securus Technologies has the biggest information technology staff of any company that serves the criminal justice sector. Its recent update should make law enforcement’s job easier, while at the same time incarceration less of a hassle for inmates and their families and friends. The new code release exemplifies Securus Technologies’ commitment to making our world safer and more connected through its services.

The new code developed and released by Securus will impact the following programs. Securus Online, The Secure Call Platform, SecureView, Securus Video Visitation, ConnectUs and the Investigator Pro are all expected to have major updates from the code that will improve function and performance. The new code release also solves major problems and defects encountered on Securus Technology platforms. Securus Technologies newest code is also a stepping stone towards a new program that the company plans on releasing later on in the year.

Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies is proud of the efforts at his company that have led to the newest code release which offers updates and fixes prior issues encountered on Securus products and programs. “Each time we come up with such updates, we move ahead of our competition, and in a such a globally competitive market, this is exactly what we need to do to stay on top” says CEO Richard Smith. The CEO added that Securus Technologies’s secure inmate phone calling platform is the most widely used calling platform in the world by corrections and law enforcement for a reason. It stems from Securus Technologies’ commitment to constant improvement to increase connectivity and effectiveness of its programs and technologies.

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