Bradesco Under The Management Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the most respected and known entrepreneur in South America. Having a good education, he has the skills and knowledge which has enabled him to invest broadly. He is an ambitious man whose dreams and visions made him start his career at a tender age. After working in several positions in Bradesco bank, he managed to make one of the biggest deals ever known which involved the purchase of another bank in Brazil. This occurred after his decade of working as the chairman of finance hence, he was experienced in the ways to use money to make more money.

It is after the closing of HSBC business deal that he got a promotion. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was elected as the entrepreneur of the year as he had improved Bunco Bradesco to greater heights. The deal was first approved by Brandao of which after the acquisition, the Bunco Bradesco became at par with the leading bank. The company was at par with the leading bank in Brazil as Luiz Carlos Trabuco ensured the account holders increased to almost the same number and the assets were almost of the same value.


In his tenure, he was able to double the standards of Bradesco, a pension operating bank, to the extent of being known in the whole country and be ranked one of the largest banks. He was later given the position of the Vice President of Bradesco where he used the position to enlarge the company even more. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was at some point give the position as the vice-chairman of Board of Directors where he expanded the company largely. One of the ways he grew the company is by actively participating in the signing of marketing action at Lagoa. He was also able to make the company the largest in Latin America.

With the growth of the company, the management sector had to be restructured for better results and outcome. Therefore, the Unibrad University was started to educate the employees in order to ensure their polish their working skills. This helped to gauge and re-elect different employees for different positions according to their skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is through the evaluation and training that Luiz Carlos announced and approved Octavio de Lazaro Junior as the executive chair of the bank. Octavio started from low positions as he started as a continuum in the company and through hard work and excellent work done, he ended up with the position. Currently, he is the president of financial institution and the head of Bradesco Seguros group at his mid-fifties. The approval of the position is due to his experience and knowledge he has. Over the years he has proved to be an efficient worker with an added value of his education as he holds an economic degree.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is still the head of Board of Directors till the next general and annual meeting where the approval and appointments will take place. The restructuring is made to ensure the company maintains its status quoi and improves from national to international level. It also aims to give employees the correct ranks to enhance the customer service.