Autism Rocks Finding The Way Out Of The Autism.

Shah Sanjay is a philanthropist who started the charity work because of his young son, Nikhil. His youngest son developed abnormal behavioural change that made the wealthy family take a step towards the hospital. First, the boy was taken to Dubai hospital where he was taken under intravenous fluid replacement by the Doctors. The family made a Quick decision and referred the boy to Portland Hospital where he found to suffer from Autism disease.
To solve the neurological disorder the family had to hire a highly –skilled therapist to therapy the boy for not less than 5 years. The Shah family went on and hired the doctor whom they paid him dearly after the prescribed time was over. Usha the wife of Shah Sanjay supported the idea of his husband to help the needy ones especially those suffering from autism.
The family went to Dubai Autism center where their son had received the treatment and donated two Hyundai vehicles for ferrying the autistic kids to various destinations where they are needed. The minibuses were postured a big photo of the boy as a sign of appreciation to the Shah family. Shah Sanjay vowed he would curb autism by all means, first started Autism Rocks Company that raised money to aid in research on the disorder
Shah a British millionaire who gambled in brokerage hedge fund that gives him $19 million made his name appear on the news headline. He is a London-based trader who retired to join the charity work. He started Solo Capital from scratches and now today it is one the top most hedge fund company. Mr. Shah a highly professional finance strategist left his accountant job at Merrill Bank Lynch because it wasted his time and ability.
He found out that he could focus on his family as well as the music that will raise money to reach more people and create public awareness on the Autism. Shah has also looked forward to establishing a good rapport with his friends to help him raise enough donations to reach the increasing number of the autism kids.


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