Barbara Stokes is Leading the Way in Disaster Recovery

Barbara Stokes has made her way into the business world in Huntsville as someone that helps lead the way with federal contracts. What she specializes in project management for residential and commercial structures. Stokes has studied engineering and she knows about the thermodynamics. She has the ability to lead with disaster recovery efforts. In many of those situations where homes are destroyed there is a need for new homes in an area where tornado activity has happened. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes has experience in this area, and her ability to help with these Federal contract gets things done sooner for those people that are in need of this type of assistance. Green Structured Homes Delivered is ran by Barbara Stokes. With this company Barbara Stokes has gained a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with Federal contracts and building a resume where she can truly give people an outlook on how Federal money is being spent. When there are bids on contract there’s always going to be a battle about which company is able to do the best job for the least amount of money. This is where Green Structured Homes delivered comes into place. This is a company that is bringing mobile units to areas where these housing units are needed. The fact that there are contracts in place is helpful because it takes someone to get the federal money rolling for these contracts.


Disaster relief is a big deal in America, and it takes people with leadership experience like Barbara Stokes to help get the job done. She is a graduate of Mercer University, and she has been in charge of contracts that are worth more than $20 million dollars in value from federal funding. It is through these contracts that Barbara and her team have employed people in 8 different states in the south to help with disaster relief. This is a very big deal because there are people that are instantly left homeless when disaster strikes. Barbara Stokes and her team play a big part in helping people get back on their feet. Her role is vital to disaster relief efforts. Read more at Business Insider.

The Illustrious Feminine of Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney Wolfe Herd has been proudly named one of the top 100 recipients of Time Magazine’s prestigious World’s Most Influential People award. Although faced with enormous obstacles – including competitive corporate pressure and lawsuits – she has proven herself and her executive female team to be able to withstand the test of time. They have not wavered or compromised their integrity despite fierce corporate bullying, demands and pressure. Her mission to empower women to initiate conversation with men through her dating application has been embraced by her fans. Millions of customers have joined in her mission to bring her Bumble startup online dating application to a huge success. The company lets women approach men first for conversation, although both can express interest. Bumble has developed into Bumble BFF for female platonic friendships, and Bumble Bizz for business relationships and networking. According to Forbes, her corporations are valued at $1 Billion.

By the tender age of 25, Whitney had already gone through what most of us dream about, good and bad. She was a co-founder of the $750 million startup Tinder as Executive Marketing Manager, but then faced lawsuits shortly after. Fortunately, she remained friends with Andrey Andreev from Tinder and together with Chris Gulzcynski and Sarah Mick built Bumble as a huge startup in Texas. Her team focused on marketing with colleges and sororities near Austin, Texas, her home with her husband, Michael Herd.

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Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1989 to proud parents Michael and Kelly Wolfe. Her father was a property developer and credits her mother being home with her for her strong character and success as an entrepreneur. She attended International studies at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas and after graduating, partnered with celebrities for her work with non-profits in Southeast Asia. Since her founding of Bumble in 2014, she has been recognized as an extraordinary female business leader and entrepreneur, holding such esteemed titles as Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Technology for 2014, one of Elle’s Women in Tech for 2016, and was acclaimed to Forbes’ 30 under 30 for two years in a row for 2017 and 2018.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is definitely a successful American icon for women to admire, helping over 25 million users find friendship, romance and business relationships that may not have found under normal circumstances. It is no wonder her life story is under discussion for a major Hollywood movie, appealing to many that dream of starting their own adventure online. We can all expect to hear more of her success and courageous life in years to come, as inspiration and determination for our own.

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