Come As You Are To Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church is a Christian ministry based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The mission of the church is to bring the community closer to God and to win hearts, minds, and souls for Christ. This is done in a nurturing atmosphere of love and compassion. Mighty Fortress Church believes that we are all equal before God, and that every soul is worthy of the blessings that He has to bestow. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

If you have ever had questions about Christianity, if you want a fuller understanding of the Christian message, you can satisfy your curiosity and get answers to all your questions at Mighty Fortress Church. It is a safe space in which you can explore the basic tenets of the Christian faith. No one will judge you, and you will not be forced or pressured to believe anything that God does not put in your heart to believe. The people you will meet at Mighty Fortress Church are like you. They are seeking a higher purpose in life, and they want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Praise and worship service is important at Mighty Fortress Church. We realize that a lot of people are put off going to church because they can find no meaning or significance in the formal and repetitive liturgy practiced by so many congregations. At Mighty Fortress Church, you will experience something quite different. The worship team, band, and choir fill the space with music and song that invites the presence of God and allows his children to thank him for all he has done.


How should you dress? Mighty Fortress Church encourages individuals to come as they are. There is no formal dress code. You will be welcomed no matter your clothes, race, culture, or socio-economic status. And you will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of whether you are a person of a different faith or no faith at all.

Mighty Fortress Church is led by Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Williams has been a minister for over 30 years. He strongly believes in his role and work as a builder of bridges between different groups within the body of Christ. Visit to know more.