QNET Offers Women A Great Way To Get Into the Workforce As Mothers

Today’s modern woman is learning how to balance her family with her work life, they are said to have it all these days. Some run their own businesses while others work in the workplace balancing their hours to make sure that everything works. I can tell you firsthand how hard it is to work every day and still have plenty of time for my daughter. Women that are just getting started with the balancing game may want to look into direct selling because they are usually low risk but are quick and easy ways to start earning some income.

In an effort to continue to show their support for women’s rights, QNET celebrated International Women’s Day by developing young woman entrepreneurs. In fact, they say that 74.4% of all direct seller representatives that are in the workforce are woman. QNET India’s regional general manager Khaled Diab stated that QNET has always supported gender quality and commented that the nurturing quality of woman composed with their fierce spirit has been one great reason that QNET has been able to excel across the world.

It is true that women have a tenacity to succeed that men can only dream of. This is because a lot of women who are mothers want to be the best at everything so they can provide the best for their families. It is this extra instinctual drive that makes them hard to compete with. I know I was surprised by how much I wanted to excel for my daughter, but it is definitely there. I can see what the manager at QNET is saying, because motivated women with something to earn for will definitely sell much more than men that are just selling for the money or job.

QNET continues to empower women at their company by encouraging them to join the sales team. Their sales team is a great place for women balancing busy schedules because they have the freedom to work as much as they want when they have the time. The only incentive is that the more you work the more you sell the more you earn. Their products include many wellness and beauty products as well as health products which is something that women should easily be able to find customers for.

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