Laid Off Accountant Sanjay Shah Starts Solo Capital


When you need a job but nobody will hire you, you can always hire yourself.

However, for most people that does not work out as well as it has for Sanjay Shah.

After losing his job as an accountant with an investment bank in the 2009 economic crisis, Sanjay Shah looked around at the financial carnage and saw few jobs he might qualify for, but lots of opportunities to profit. He started Solo Capital Markets as a brokerage firm.

In an interview with Global Citizen Magazine, Shah said he started out studying medicine, but then decided he didn’t want to be a doctor after all. Therefore, he became an accountant. He worked for such investment banks as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

Shah grew Solo Capital until, for the year ending March 2011, Shah earned £19 million. He incorporated it in September 2011. Its specialties now include proprietary trading (foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives), consulting (investment, performance and human capital) and investments in professional sports teams (talent acquisition, commercial advisory & representation, asset & performance management).

Solo Capital Markets is an operating name for Outperform Capital Ltd, a private limited company registered in England and Wales, registration number 09579559. As of March 2015, Solo Capital Partners had a net worth of £15.45 million.

Shah has continued to expand his business empire. He is the founder and CEO of Solo Group Holdings, which controls Solo Capital Markets. Shah also owns Aesa S.a.r.l., which controls Solo Group Holdings. Shah also owns 36 other companies in Great Britain, Dubai the British Virgin Islands, Malta, Luxembourg and The Cayman Islands. In 2014 Shah and Solo Capital took over Old Park Lane Capital, the natural resources stockbroker.

Earlier that year, Mankash Jain left Solo Capital to work in Dubai with Shah. He was head of foreign exchange at Solo Capital Partners.

As of January 2016, Shah’s net worth amounts to US$280 million, and he considers himself retired.

However, work for Shah remains. He told Global Citizen Magazine he had sponsored children in India for ten years, and never thought he could do anything more for charity than that. In 2011, doctors diagnosed Shah’s 4-year-old son with autism. While drinking tea with Snoop Dogg, Shah realized he could raise both awareness of the neurodevelopmental disease and money to fund additional research by throwing benefit concerts. Therefore, Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks. They held the first Autism Rocks concert in 2014 starring Prince. Later concerts have included Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Snoop Dogg.

In June 2015, Shah paid $100,000 for the domain name Autism.Rocks. Since January 2013 Shah has served as a trust director of Autism Research Trust, which donates to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre.

Just think. Without the financial crisis, Shah might still be an accountant.

Skout Surveys Students About Their Views On Kindness

There’s nothing better to see than a stranger doing something kind for another stranger. That’s exactly why Skout is promoting the Random Acts Of Kindness Week. The celebration has been set to happen each year in mid February, the 15th to the 20th. It’s a great time to start acting kindly towards your neighbors and other members of your community. However, it is just a suggested time, so you can do some fantastic random acts of kindness at any time during the year that you feel an impulse to share this side of yourself with others. Together, Skout, every participant in the celebrated week and communities all over the world are embracing the positive nature of this event.

Skout, in case you didn’t already know about them, is a social media and online dating website that can be accessed by mobile devices for free. The site promotes friendship, online friendship and romantic relations. It is an easy way to meet other people around the world, and it is also helpful if you are traveling and need to make new friends where you are going when you visit new places around the world. Skout is available in 180 different countries, so it is truly bringing the world closer together.

The website Uloop has recently published a write up about Skout’s survey. In the article from Uloop, the writer mentions a few different statistics that Skout has accumulated during their research phases. They have been surveying 2,700 of their users. They found that college students are 51 percent likely to do a random act of kindness every day. Also, 93 percent of college students have already done a random act of kindness. Could this mean that the nature of youth and friendship is strongly intertwined?

The article goes on to list the random acts of kindness that survey participants felt most strongly about. Buying a cup of coffee or paying for fast food is at the top of that list. Sending a thank you text at random to show appreciation to a friend is the next on the list. Third on that list is giving a hug to a friend at random. It’s really amazing how these random acts of kindness can spin people’s days around if they are having a bad day. You can make their lives better with your words or actions. To read the original article, go here.

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Coriant Company with its new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant, which was formed following the merge between Nokia Siemens optical networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks currently gained independence in 2013. Coriant has so far established their services in over a 100 countries. They offer services to even the nine top ten global Tier 1 Communication Service Providers.

Coriant places its origin from the Transmission Technology department of Siemens that is in Munich, Germany. It is through this period that the technology was transitioning to Synchronous Digital Hierarchy from the Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy. The technology was later named optical transport network.

Currently, the company offers solutions on network transport and connection to their clients all over the globe. This has led to the company maintaining a vast line of customers who have placed great trust in their services. Some of the customers include, financial institutions, content providers, large enterprises and even government agencies.

Following a recent appointment in the company, Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed the new CEO after Mr. DiPietro stepped down for him. Shaygan has served in the business and technology industries for the past two decades. Through this period, Shaygan has earned much of experience working in these industries.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London and was brought up in Iran. Later on, he moved to the United States for his education. He went to Cornell University where he graduated with a PhD, masters and bachelors in engineering. This saw him through the telecom, technology and financial service industries.

After his educational qualification, Shaygan began his career at GTE Corporation. In this, he served as the Chief Information Officer. Later on, GTE Corporation merged with Verizon to make Verizon e-business where he became the president.

Shaygan later on joined Barclays bank where he became the chief operations and technology officer. Together with his team at Barclays, they worked for a great transformation of the bank all over across fifty countries. Later on, he was appointed the Chief Executive officer of Juniper Networks which assisted in cloud builder and high IQ networking. Shaygan also worked closely with the senior management team at Coriant where he was an active member. It is after this he was appointed the CEO having gained much experience across telecom and technology industry.

Securus Technologies Releases New Code To Improve Its Systems

Securus Technologies, which is one of the world’s leading providers of technology, gadgets, software and monitoring devices to law enforcement agencies, has just announced that they have released a code update for its gadgets and programs. Its first code release of 2016 will make significant updates and upgrades for its devices and programs. The newly revised code is expected to make criminal justice technology easier to use for those on the front line in law enforcement. It is also expected to increase the ease of use in support staff who are found in the back lines of law enforcement.

Securus Technologies’ newest code release can be thought of as a patch to fix computer software. It will increase performance and reliability of current Securus programs in place at law enforcement agencies. The code also aims to make existing programs and inmate communication technologies easier to use by police officers, paramedics and other civil and law enforcement agencies.

Securus Technologies has the biggest information technology staff of any company that serves the criminal justice sector. Its recent update should make law enforcement’s job easier, while at the same time incarceration less of a hassle for inmates and their families and friends. The new code release exemplifies Securus Technologies’ commitment to making our world safer and more connected through its services.

The new code developed and released by Securus will impact the following programs. Securus Online, The Secure Call Platform, SecureView, Securus Video Visitation, ConnectUs and the Investigator Pro are all expected to have major updates from the code that will improve function and performance. The new code release also solves major problems and defects encountered on Securus Technology platforms. Securus Technologies newest code is also a stepping stone towards a new program that the company plans on releasing later on in the year.

Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies is proud of the efforts at his company that have led to the newest code release which offers updates and fixes prior issues encountered on Securus products and programs. “Each time we come up with such updates, we move ahead of our competition, and in a such a globally competitive market, this is exactly what we need to do to stay on top” says CEO Richard Smith. The CEO added that Securus Technologies’s secure inmate phone calling platform is the most widely used calling platform in the world by corrections and law enforcement for a reason. It stems from Securus Technologies’ commitment to constant improvement to increase connectivity and effectiveness of its programs and technologies.

If you would like to download the free video visitation app for Google Play, click here. Learn more about the service by watching the vide below!

Acknowledging the Many Interests of Jon Urbana, Businessman and Economist

Finding a successful businessman who is also interested in the environment and other community-oriented issues is difficult. Typically, businessmen remain focused in the area of finances and investments or they stay in the finance department of varied organisations, but Jon Urbana does not fit in that category. Jon has a successful business career, but is passionate and diverse in a wide spectrum of other areas, and many of those areas involve reaching out to others.

Jon Urbana graduated from Villanova University in 2005 with a degree in Economics. Economics is the social science that oversees and regulates production, distribution and the use of goods and services. Mr Urbana’s strengths lie in leading projects that he is interested in.

Economics allows Jon Urbana the flexibility to help people and to hold positions where he is most effective. His career fits his outgoing personality because he is free to operate in the economics of any area he chooses to become involved in.

Jon cares about people and enjoys helping people whenever possible. He expresses this in his fundraising for charities often using the feature so the public can get involved. Recently, he has been attracted to Earth Force and Youth at Next Level Lacrosse, which you are welcome to donate to online through GoFundMe or

Jon is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, located outside of Denver. This is an organization that supports teen lacrosse summer camps. The camps meet every year (Vail in 2016), and Jon is a coach of the games. Jon played lacrosse in college, and he believes that the kids learn much more than just how to play the game. They learn discipline, self-esteem, honesty and how to play fairly while following their passion. Mr. Urbana holds a special interest in flying and believes that these morals are important to grasp before going out into the business world.

Mr. Urbana holds leadership positions in video-making at Vimeo, music and photography where he often uses his campers as subjects. Jon’s photography also shows his compassion with animals. He shows his photography online, in videos and at auctions. Photography is a strong and growing interest of his and is getting attention nationwide.

Manse on Marsh Makes People’s Lives Different

Manse On Marsh was founded many years ago to help families and their loved ones navigate the maze of assisted living and senior housing options. Over the years, Manse On Marsh has grown to become one of the largest and most reputable senior living facilities in the United States, with numerous positive reviews.

The Twitter really shows that Manse On Marsh is dedicated to providing quality informative and guidance to those researching senior assisted living facilities and senior care centers that provide specialized care for elderly people. Their elder care experts provide personal help to families and their loved ones during the overwhelming and often confusing process of finding the perfect type of senior care or assisted living center. You will be delighted with the quality of help you will get from their senior care advisors.

While every senior living facility or assisted living community is different, typical amenities and services include: Housekeeping services, transportation, personal laundry services, alzheimer’s, memory care, and medication management, access to medical and health services, assistance with eating, emergency call systems, toileting, walking, bathing and dressing. Social and recreational activities as well as exercise and wellness programs are also provided.

If your elderly family member is having more and more difficulty with routine activities such as showering, running errands, toileting, dressing, and getting around the house, an assisted living community may be the solution. Your relative can get the daily support he or she needs, while remaining as independent as possible. The decision to move a loved one into an assisted living environment is not easy, but by doing proper research and being honest about your relative’s needs, you can absolutely make the choice that is just right for your loved one and ensure his or her senior years are pleasant and fulfilling.

When visiting assisted living communities it is important to learn about dining hours, meal choices, options and procedures. It is important to be sure the quality of the meal meets the needs of your loved one. Find out what happens if a resident is unable to go to the dining room for a meal.

Whether you’re looking for an assisted living community or the comfort of in-home caregivers, you will find reliable information about the perfect option for you by contacting Manse On Marsh. Thousands of families have used their advice and guidance to find their ideal assisted living facilities, senior housing, retirement communities, and more.

Their professionals provide detailed information on choosing the right facility, and their senior care advisors can address any issues or answer any further questions you may have. Contact them for instant, personalized plan for senior care options available to you.  The blog further establishes what The Manse on Marsh is trying to accomplish.

Darius Fisher Receives A Great Acknowledgement

Darius Fisher runs a very successful company. He is constantly in demand for interviews and public speaking engagements. Fisher was a top speaker at a recent Impact 15 event to discuss the connection between reputation management, the search engines, and branding. The reason he is picked to speak is he maintains a high level of expertise on the subject of reptuation management and, he can convey the importance of the topic to others.

People notice his skills and abilities, which is why Fisher is being acknowledged for his talents. PRWeek, the highly prestigious industry publication, has opted to place Fisher’s name on its Innovation 50 list. The list reflects all those persons who have delivered great innovations in the profession of digital marketing.

Fisher is most definitely innovative. He has taken basic digital marketing principles and applies the principles to the process of improving reputations that has been harmed online. Since so many consumers, colleagues, and even relatives base their perceptions on people via internet search engine results, fixing those results pages is a must. And as Fisher noted at Impact 15, the results don’t go away. Specific work has to be done to improve them. Fisher’s firm, Status Labs, specializes in this exact work. Revenue has increased ten times what it original was when the company was founded in 2012. Indications are the company is going to continue to grow. Darius Fisher’s approach to managing and promoting the company has contributed to these desirable results.

Fisher’s innovations extend to how he promotes Status Labs. After the hack of the Ashley Madison dating website, Fisher offered free crisis counseling to those adversely affected. Status Labs and Fisher both gained a lot of publicity thanks to the idea. Today, Status Labs has offices in Austin, TX (the home base), New York, NY, and San Paulo, Brazil. A lot of clients are contacting Status Labs and Fisher for help.

PRWeek has taken note of Darius Fisher, which is why the company honored him on the Innovation 50 list. The list is not compiled without careful thought. Only those who are truly deserving of being placed on it find their name getting a nod. Fisher has shown he has a great mind for reputation management and digital marketing. PRWeek agrees.

Mike Paul: New Adviser for Online Reputation Company

Status Labs is an organization that is based in Texas, Austin and is an online reputation management firm. Status lab has rules that will enable you to mend up your public relations as well as your reputation online if you have had an instance where your reputation has been compromised. The rules that Status Labs has have made it one of the best online reputation management that has ever been in operation. Image management as well as public relations in the status lab company have been evolving over the times to offer quality and timely solutions to customers which no other online reputation management has ever had.

Status Labs has been on the forefront to provide clients with strategies to relay communications as well as the media relations that are geared towards helping their highly esteemed clients communicate with the stakeholders. The status lab public relations professionals have very deep and concise relationships with the journalism body as well as most bloggers in the industry. This company has also helped many clients in the engagement of industries audiences and also compelling content in order to give a creation of emotions in preferences experiences that drive sales and participation.

PRNewswire has had to record in second February in New York that has a recognition to the online and digital reputation management company has an announcement that they have decided to add to their board of advisor another new advisor, Mike Paul, the leader of the reputable company by the name Reputation doctor LLC that is widely known as the doctor of reputation. Paul is designed to add value to the company in terms of adding strategic counsel and insight. That is most needed by status lab.

Status Labs has consistently been growing from its reputation as one of the best PR and reputation management company in terms of crisis management. Darius Fisher is the president as well as the co-founder of Status Labs that bringing on board Paul will proactively enhance the company in moving into the success scales.

Coriant: A Worldwide Leader in Data Solutions

Coriant is a company that has quickly established itself as one of the worldwide leaders of the cloud-enabled business world. They are comprised of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals that will go the extra mile in order to provide the needed networking solutions for their clients. Coriant provides assistance for network operators in over 100 countries worldwide. They provide management for mobile and fixed line operators and cable MSOs. They have proven to be an asset for large enterprises, government agencies and financial institutions. If you are the leader of a humongous multi-national firm, then you realize just how important having appropriate network solutions can be. Coriant provides those solutions, with literally hundreds of thousands deployed worldwide and provide a foundation for billion-dollar companies. In a nutshell, Coriant was established on the foundation of Siemens, Optical Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks, all companies with over 35 years of experience.

Why does Coriant lead the current industry? For one specific reason: they provide an immense amount of innovation with their networking systems. For example, they provide a number of solutions where they have the remarkable ability to keep pace with backhaul evolution. In a nutshell, they are able to provide SDN Programs at the mobile edge. Coriant has also fully mastered the art of modernization. That is, they are able to cost effectively change a company’s program infrastructure and are able to enhance the service performance at the same time. Finally, the company at Coriant provides a pluggable optical layer. They are able to effectively disaggregate an optical layer function into compact pluggable interfaces. Keeping companies flexible and efficient is at the heart of everything that Coriant does.

In order for Coriant to continue to offer these innovative solutions, they will need to have stellar leadership. New CEO Shaygan Kheradpir provides the necessary experience in order to keep Coriant moving forward into the 21st Century. Kheradpir holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering.

Besides his experience in engineering, Kheradpir has extensive chief executive experience. Before his current position at Coriant, he held high posts at GTE, Barclays, Verizon, and Juniper Networks.

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Queens of Drama TV Show

Queens of Drama is all about ladies in the drama field. All of these ladies or queens are daytime and primetime actresses. The cast includes the likes of Vanessa Marcil, Donna Mills, Chrystee Pharris, Jason-Shane Scott, Lindsay Hartley, Joan Collins, Crystal Hunt, Hunter Tylo and others. The show focuses on them creating a new TV series that they want to pitch with the aim of obtaining a pilot deal. The actresses work both behind and in front of the camera for their show. The first season was originally aired in 2015.

Actress and producer Crystal Hunt plays herself in the Queens of Drama which IMDb shows. Of course it is also a bit of a dramatized version of herself, but the character is essentially a dramatized version of Crystal Hunt. She is most well known by TV audiences for her past work in the soap operas: Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding and One Life to Live as Stacy Morasco.

Instagram shows that Crystal Hunt is from Clearwater, Florida. The fair haired actress was born on February 5, 1985. She started her acting career by doing beauty pageants around her home town. She used acting as her talent for beauty shows. From there she went on to get small uncredited parts until she landed a role on the popular soap opera series Guiding Light. Crystal Hunt is also known for acting alongside actresses Amanda Bynes and Sara Paxton in the modern version of Snow White called Sydney White. Her other movie roles include: male stripper film Magic Mike XXL with the acting talents Channing Tatum and Amber Hear. She also acted in 23 Blast which was about a high school football player who becomes blind, yet he still fights to continue to play. Mark Hapka, Bram Hoover and Stephen Lang acted with her in 23 Blast.

Crystal Hunt has worked as an executive producer in addition to her acting career. She was an executive producer for the horror movie Talbot County. Talbot County is about six college students that are in a Southern town. They are given a history project that results in them going on a horrific trip into the Georgia forest to try discovering the truth behind the legend of Emily Burt who was supposedly the werewolf of Talbot County. Crystal Hunt has also made business ventures that are near and dear to her heart. She started a thriving pet boutique in her hometown Clearwater, Florida. This boutique is called: My Pets Dream Boutique.